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Glenn Brill, Executive Director, Fond du Lac Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
You were the hit this morning at our Tourism Breakfast! People are calling my staff left and right to tell them how much they enjoyed your presentation. It was clear you took a lot of time to personalize your message to our destination and that really paid off! Thanks for taking the time to tailor your speech to our audience-not all speakers do that-only the good ones.
Carl Mook, CEO, CM Financial Group Sycamore, Illinois
Your presentation to the top associates in the CM Financial Group in Sycamore, Illinois was entertaining and you delivered the motivational message we needed. Your life principles have both business and personal applications. We do financial planning with a personal touch. We enjoyed the visuals and how you personalized the program.
Jean M. Winkler, Director of Operations, Wisco Hotel Group
Our hotel company was looking for a speaker for our annual company appreciation party, I contacted Bill, and he met with me and personalized his presentation to our company. We had raving reviews from over 160 employees and guests. He got the message across and kept them laughing. I would highly recommend him for your event.
Robert Hammon, Supt. Sycamore Community Schools, Sycamore, IL
Again, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for being the keynote speaker for the opening of school. Days and even weeks after your presentation I have had faculty say that they appreciated your reminder and what a wonderful, powerful presentation you gave. Your message to 250 plus faculty members will have a lasting effect in Sycamore. Your content, presentation, and handouts were superb. It was a wonderful, positive,energetic and enthusiastic way to start the school year.
Phil Ertl, District Superintendent, Wauwatosa Schools
Bill Collar is the best motivational speaker I have heard! He has a unique way of making his message "stick". His time with our 900 staff members was incredible. He is enjoyable to listen to and everyone identifies with him and his message. He has been a personal inspiration to me and my career in education.
Lloyd Styrwoll, Superintendent School District 318, Grand Rapids, MN
Your positive and entertaining message to our staff was a wonderful way to start the school year. Your success as a 35-year teacher and coach gave you instant credibility with our staff. Our elementary teachers as well as our secondary teachers were beside themselves with praise for your two-hour presentation. Our support personnel also felt the program related directly to them. What an excellent way to begin a year and to regenerate positive attitudes.
Tod Parmeter, Owner, Golden Eagle Log Homes – Wisconsin Rapids
Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the success of our annual dealer meeting. Your presentation of solid sales techniques and attitude adjustors administered with a good dose of humor was exactly what our dealers needed. We were impressed with how you visited our company prior to the program, and even phoned several dealers to obtain additional insight. Your personalized program captivated our dealers and provided them with selling strategies that will pay huge dividends for both them and Golden Eagle.
Carla L. Ruechel, Oconto County DHHS Dept. of Health and Human Services
Thank you, Bill, and I can't express enough how your presentation lifted us up. As I looked over our evaluations of the day, all said they enjoyed you and it was awesome! Thank you for a fun-filled and inspiring afternoon.
Thomas Ewald, Vice-President, Ewald Automotive Group
Thank you for the incredible message you delivered at our Sales Meeting on positive attitudes and goal setting. Our staff left with a positive spirit, an enlightened focus to the task at hand, and an impression that will remain with everyone for years to come. We plan to have you speak again in the future.
Cheryl Streich, president WHSSSA WI Human Services Support Staff Association
Bill. On behalf of the WHSSSA Board we want to extend a heartfelt ‘Thanks You” for making our conference a success. All the comments were 4’s (Highest) and "Awesome." Everyone just loved you and said they could have listened to you all day.
Steve Kovalaske, Director, Labor Management Council Of Northeast WI
Bill, Thanks the excellent presentations. The evaluations are very positive about your keynote speech and breakout sessions. I loved the way you incorporated our theme into the presentation.
Fred Nagao, President, ADTSEA
Bill Collar spoke at our ADTSEA(American Driver and Traffic Safety Educators Association) national conference in St. Louis. Everyone who heard him left the presentation enlightened and motivated to carry out the goals of ADTSEA. His presentation kept everyone talking about his speech for the rest of the conference.
Barry Alvarez, Athletic Director, University of Wisconsin
Bill’s style is very entertaining and amusing, but his message is never lost. When he starts his presentation, the electricity builds. I have never listened to a speaker so intently. After Bill Collar delivers his message you leave the room ready to take on any challenge. He is our player’s favorite speaker at camp
Steve Thompson, Executive Director, Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association
Standing ovation material all the way…you left our members begging for more! You motivated, entertained, and captured our members for the entire hour. Your presentation was ranked the highest ever of our over 200 Keynote and Endnote sessions to date!
Tom Kleppek, Vice President of Sales, Riddell, Inc.
Thank you for the outstanding presentation at our national sales conference. We were impressed with how you managed to integrate a powerful motivational message and appropriate humor. Over 300 sales reps left the conference with renewed enthusiasm. They appreciated your message. The standing "O" said it all.
Lois Frank MMC, WCPC, CMTW, Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Cambria
Bill, thank you for doing such a wonderful presentation. The treasurers loved you! I heard lots of compliments about your presentation from everyone. Thanks for ending our wonderful conference on such a high note.
Tom Strehl, Pomp’s Tire
I especially want to commend you for participating with our sales force during their breakout sessions. Getting their feedback and using it during your presentation was very professional. Our group of over 500 salespeople accepted your presentation with common sense vision and value driven messages. They also had a lot of fun.
Gary W. Manke, Executive Vice President/CEO Midwest Equipment Dealers Assoc.
We would like to thank you for an excellent presentation. Your program was very well received by our members. We heard many positive comments about your humor and your skill at presenting your message; we understand why you were so highly recommended! Thank you for being an important part of our conference.
John Siegel, DARE Coordinator and Conference Chairman
Thank you so much for speaking at the Wisconsin DARE Officer Association’s annual conference. Everyone left energized and feeling good about the job they do. It was obvious that you researched DARE and our association, and created a custom presentation that met our needs and focus. Your combination of a great message, humor, and stories made for an outstanding presentation. We will be contacting you again in the future to open a conference. Its not often you find someone who can grab the attention of a room full of law enforcement officers and hold it for 90 minutes.
Melany A. Tobin, RN, BSN, CLC,MCH, Ho-Chunk Health Care Center
Bill Collar's presentation, "all the way with PMA" was a very uplifting experience for my staff. He was inspiring and gave everyone a sense of purpose. "If it is to be it's up to me" is a very simple sentence to say. However, if you really think about what the words mean, it can be life changing. Bill reinforces that every time he speaks. Having Bill present to us was extremely refreshing. He has my highest recommendation.
Rosie Sylvester, President-WAHPERD
Bill Collar's keynote speech at the WAHPERD convention was outstanding. He certainly had the groups attention as he connected with us on the importance of making a difference in the lives of students and how to reach your peak performance through motivation. Not only did he share from personal experiences using his sense of humor, he made you feel good about yourself just from being dedicated enough to be at the convention. It was an hour well spent. Thank you Bill.
Andrea Lesarge, Conference Committee. WI Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
Evaluations show that many audience members thought your presentation was excellent. It was a fantastic way to end the conference by recapping, presenting more skills, and focusing on laughter and keeping a positive attitude. Your engaging presentation style has left us all with a positive mental attitude and rejuvenation.
Robert Crist, District Superintendent Delavan-Darien Schools
Bill Collar was our “Keynote Speaker” last fall for the opening kick-off with all staff. He spoke on “Positive Mental Attitudes”. He had a marvelous engaging presentation that mesmerized the entire audience! His message was extremely positive, made one reflect on oneself and daily things we can control and do to help others and ourselves. The use of daily humor was obvious and something we can all do. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any organization. I am planning to engage him again for a periodic tune-up.
Aaron May, AP/AD Sheboygan Falls High School.
Bill's energy, enthusiasm, and positive message is so contagious that everyone that sees it leaves his presentation fired-up and ready to tackle the new school year!
Bradley Shipps - Assistant Director, Outagamie Waupaca Library System
Thank you for an entertaining and inspiring presentation. The survey responses are glowing. Your program was fun and well organized, with a meaningful message. It was a real morale booster.
Damian LaCroix, Superintendent of Schools, Howard-Suamico, WI
Bill Collar recently addressed my team of 500+ employees. In short, Bill’s presentation was humorous and heart-moving. We laughed, cried, and felt inspired by Bill’s exceptional ability to blend history, comedy, and life lessons into a compelling and refreshingly practical message. Our staff was most impressed by the fact that Bill customized his program in a way that uniquely and appropriately targeted the challenges and opportunities facing our school system. Based on our experience, Bill Collar earns a grade of an A+!
Dr. Phil Sobocinski, District Administrator, Warren Township H.S. Gurnee, IL
Bill Collar is an excellent and inspiring presenter who has given our teachers the energy and enthusiasm they need to begin the school year. His presentation is geared toward all teaching areas, and he has a profound effect on both the new and master teachers. His message has made some of our staff change their approach to teaching. Our teachers have learned that every teacher can make a difference by being more positive and caring with students. It was a fantastic way to begin the school year.
Jay Clark, Director of Support Services, School District of Holmen
Bill presented to our support staff of approximately 100 people. A group that by the nature of their work is physically active. A speaker had better be good or this group will get restless fast. Bill had their attention the whole time. His sense of humor and ability to reference the day-to-day activities our staff experience created a connection. I have never heard so many staff say of a presentation, That guy was good.